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With more than thirty residential and commercial crews on the street on a daily basis, Wingren Landscape is one of the largest landscape maintenance firms in the Chicagoland area. Our landscape maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial clients are truly full-service and comprehensive. Our scheduling system works to meet clients needs, with residential work at week’s end and commercial at weeks start so the beauty potential is delivered when the property can be most enjoyed.

Our maintenance program ensures all elements of our clients property is in the best condition at all times. And our maintenance contracts are comprehensive and detailed, so there are no hidden costs. Maintenance includes an array of details attended to each week, with a list of areas covered monthly, generally from April through October/November.


  • Turf care including mowing, edging, fertilizing and catch grass clippings
  • Tree, evergreen, shrub, groundcover care which includes trimming, spraying, fertilizing, and cultivating
  • Patio, drives, and walkway spot weed control
  • Eco friendly weed control option
  • Spring clean-ups
  • Fall clean-ups


We service an average of 400 single family residential customers each week over a wide geographic area, as far south as Flossmoor, as far north as Lake Forest, and west as St. Charles, and east to the City of Chicago, as well as Northwest Indiana. Residential properties are serviced weekly beginning Wednesday afternoon and completed by Friday afternoon, so they are in ideal condition for the weekend when many clients are able to most enjoy their property. Our landscape maintenance customers have no landscaping chores with the possible exception of assisting us with irrigation system monitoring. Please review the irrigation service section to learn more about our irrigation programs.  The satisfaction of our clients is our primary goal, and to this end, we are highly successful, as 96% of our clients renew their contracts with us each year.


Virtually all Wingren Landscape commercial construction clients become landscape maintenance accounts. We service an average of 200 commercial and HOA properties each week over a wide geographic area, with a particular concentration in the Oak Brook, Hinsdale and Burr Ridge areas.  We also provide services to the entire Chicagoland area.

Commercial properties are serviced weekly at the beginning of the week to ensure a beautifully maintained property for their workweek. We provide a high quality, full-service package, ensuring our clients properties are in exceptional condition at all times throughout the year.


With over half a century of experience cultivating plants and flowers, we are truly outdoor floral experts, leading the industry in providing unique flower varieties and custom blends.
We incorporate both annuals and perennials into our flower designs. While most Illinois landscape companies buy out-of-state, all of our own annuals are grown in Illinois specifically for our clients. Wingren Landscape’s grower is just minutes away from our office, allowing us the flexibility to easily monitor our annuals during the growing process, inspect them for overall quality, and offer them to our clients on a custom order basis.

We hand-select our own perennials and do order out-of-state for special and unique varieties of perennials when appropriate. Perennial gardens are custom-designed to be one-of-a-kind and can be combined with annuals, trees, shrubs, hardscapes, and water features for a highly personalized look. Our clients can view photos of all of our special flower varieties and blends and customize their order. Our goal is to make your property uniquely beautiful, exceeding your expectations.


Our Perennial Care Program is designed for the client that desires that “personal” gardener touch. The program includes, but is not limited to individualized attention, weeding, bed cleaning, plant grooming, fertilizing, and pest and disease management.

Perennials are the backbone of most flower gardens, providing continuous change to the landscape, and introducing new color and texture with each season. Midwestern perennial gardens benefit from routine maintenance performed by someone who understands them. The seasons can be unpredictable and the pruning and grooming processes need to be adjusted accordingly, resulting in more productive blooming and overall success. With a routine perennial care program, your outdoor living space will be a welcoming sanctuary, for ultimate enjoyment.


We all know spring is on its way when bulbs are blooming. When the weather finally breaks, allowing us to leisurely stroll outdoors again and enjoy the scenery, no business property should be without this welcoming sign of spring. That’s why we design and install bulbs in mass or small quantities for our clients who appreciate the fresh, colorful beauty of their flowers.


Many of our client properties have well-established trees. We pride ourselves in our ability to revitalize established trees and enjoy contributing to the extension of their lives. Properly trimming according to their species, removing dead wood, crown thinning all contribute to healthier trees. We also remove dead trees and provide stump grinding and tree location services.


Wingren Landscape provides a complete fertilization program and disease and insect control as part of our full-service maintenance contracts.

We fertilize all plant material throughout the season using our own fertilizer brand and program that are second to none. Each year, we apply 4-5 dry applications of time-release fertilizer to each property we service with an objective of maintaining all turf areas in a manner that will present healthy lawns, uniform in color, weed and pest free.

In March, we apply a dormant oil spray to all shrubs and ornamental trees to aid in the control of scale insects, mites, and aphids. Plant material is monitored throughout the season for evidence of pest infestation and appropriate treatment is offered.

Our goose and deer control substances are humane, non-lethal sprayed materials designed to simply persuade wildlife to feed elsewhere. We also cover plant materials as necessary and employ other proven, humane means of discouraging wildlife destruction of client-owned property and vegetation.

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