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Different from other landscape companies, Wingren Landscape offers complete design through build services. We will consult and design landscape plans from the ground up. And take these plans from the drawing stage all the way through complete build-out with comprehensive landscape construction and outdoor installation of all types. We offer our complete design/build service for both residential and commercial.

CPP-FAA-northWingren Landscape goes through painstaking detail starting with the landscape plans and continuing through the installation process ensuring our efforts create a setting which complements the context of the home’s architecture or business setting.  We create spaces appropriate to a customer’s needs and make sure these needs are met each step of the design/build process. We’re known for the incorporation of strong design elements in stone, horticulture and hardscapes that reference a home or company, and balances its scale.

Our design/build capabilities go beyond plant material. Whether, patios, walkways, or driveway, outdoor kitchen or entertainment areas, rock formations, water features and gazebos, Wingren Landscape partners with our clients and offers a vision for their outdoor space.  We have developed a highly collaborative approach with engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other skilled professionals in the design / build process that allow each project to be tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each client and project.

The design / build process at Wingren Landscape describes and solves the goals and objectives of the project while choosing the appropriateness of the materials and the executing the installation of the work with our crews ensuring the highest quality work and providing solutions within our client’s budget.


Our goal for landscape design is to be natural, functional, and beautiful. From the beginning, Wingren Landscape has viewed landscape design and construction as an art form.

We consider every nuance of a client’s home, office or property to achieve their ultimate vision of their future outdoor living environment. We take into consideration our clients’ interior design, life style, and personal or professional needs during the design process. Constant innovation and attention to our clients’ enjoyment and satisfaction are cornerstones of our business philosophy. Further, we seek to enhance the inherent value of a client’s property, improving its curb appeal and resale, while contributing to the betterment of the community.

The three-dimensional feature of a landscape design plan is more than for aesthetic purposes. It is a powerful tool for visualization, walk through, and presentation. Rendering is provided as a tool to understand and present designs, maximizing communication with clients and other members of the design team.

Key elements of a landscape design model typically incorporate trees, shrubs, ground covers, and other planting, as well as hardscapes and waterscapes that are included in the one-dimensional view of your landscape concept. These same objects can also be some of the hardest objects to visualize well in an architectural context. Therefore, we can render them in a drawing, showing color, dimension, and scale, with any level of realism you desire, from a hand-drawn sketch to the most accurate natural lighting simulation.

Early on, Jan Wingren pioneered the use of hardscapes in landscape design, using different types of natural stone to add elevation and dimension to a property, creating a look that is natural yet well-maintained. By incorporating the surrounding habitat, we seek to create a sanctuary for our clients from everyday life stresses by uniting them with nature.


Wingren Landscape offers full-service outdoor build capabilities to create your ideal outdoor living environment.  We will build from existing plans or plans developed by our design staff. Outdoor builds can include a range of environmental enhancements, from unique water features and hardscapes, to the installation of eco-friendly green roofs. Custom walkways, driveways, parking areas, decks, stairs, rails, benches, patios, docks, doors, bridges, gazebos, trellises, landmarks, flower boxes, mailboxes, and more are all within our capability. We can help you envision outdoor kitchens, fire pits, swimming pools, and spas to transform your living space into an outdoor haven.

We work extensively with our clients during the concept stage to plan their ideal outdoor living space. We then custom build, and install all of the elements of that environment using a variety of materials, textures, colors, and finishes to add beauty, warmth, and functionality.


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