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With over fifty years of experience, Wingren Landscape is capable of handling any size landscaping construction project for both residential and commercial properties. We welcome challenges and strive to develop outdoor environments that accommodate any unique circumstances. Our goal is to build upon your vision and needs for the long term.

At Wingren Landscape, we place significant importance on our selection of plants. We use local nurseries and handpick all of our materials. When selecting trees for a property, we choose those that provide special interest, shade, privacy, framing, neighbor-friendly living fences, focal points, and creativity. We truly view trees as living art.

Following the conceptual design phase, presentation, and receipt of necessary approvals, a set of construction drawings are produced and our work begins. These include layouts and features unique to each property: grading and drainage, hard surfaces, water features, irrigation, and lighting.

Throughout the process, our design team is in constant communication with our client to ensure the construction phase of each project is a seamless effort. We are respectful, thorough, and flexible in our approach, easily accommodating changes and challenges as they arise. The result: construction that is completed on time and within budget. We are so confident about the quality of our work that our construction client properties are guaranteed for the life of our contracts, provided we continue to perform maintenance services on those properties.

For both Commercial and Residential properties we offer a full range of Construction Services.


Wingren Landscape provides comprehensive landscape services to corporate and commercial properties of all size and complexity. From the initial client consultation through design, presentation for city and other municipal or related necessary approvals, coordination of builder and architect teams, construction implementation, and maintenance. We are professional, reliable, and fully insured, bonded, and licensed.

We have a range of experience from corporate and commercial sites, to subdivisions and municipalities. We have worked under the most demanding of conditions and are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations and requirements, completing projects on time and within budget. Specialty gardens are one of the most unique aspects of a commercial property, as an extended and devoted area for a relatively insignificant expense. Specialty gardens include: A corporate logo, shield, initials, or monogram, created with flowers, as a remarkable marketing tool; Or a flower cutting garden for tenants and employees to enjoy, with fresh cut flowers at the receptionists desk.



Your home is your oasis, your hearth, your refuge. It is where your family gathers, shares experiences, shares life. You take great care in making it everything you want it to be, and so do we.

At Wingren Landscape, we take great pride in designing the outdoors of your home. Whether you seek a French-style country garden with a bridge and flowing stream, a cook’s paradise complete with an outdoor kitchen and herb garden, an outdoor fire pit over custom stone patio, a natural woods setting with trails, or dramatic architectural landscape design with irrigation and lighting, Wingren Landscape can bring your outdoor dreams to life.

We are all things outdoor. We are the nature of your home.



Wingren Landscape pioneered the incorporation of hardscapes and elevation into outdoor designs from the very beginning, and came to be known and recognized for this trait.

Natural stone and brick are timeless materials that add lasting elegance and appeal to any design. They can be used alone or in conjunction with natural or man-made materials to form dramatic yet welcoming walkways, enhance grade elevations or hillside slopes, soften driveway surfaces, and create wonderful patio areas complete with waterfalls and ponds, kitchens, fire pits, seat walls, and planters.

We build for the long term, ensuring each element is installed with a proper base and structure. We will sculpt your corner of the world to suit your personal or company needs and help you realize your ideal outdoor environment. Then we’ll maintain it over time for lasting beauty and enjoyment.



Few of us are fortunate to have a natural waterfall or stream running through our property, yet no outdoor space compares to a setting with the compelling beauty, sound and movement of water.

Wingren Landscape can custom design a unique water feature for your home or business property. A waterfall, pond, or stream can be installed to compliment the surrounding natural architecture and further enhance personalized outdoor design. Water interplay with hardscapes such as boulders, rocks and stone creates added intrigue and harmony to your outdoor environment. We can enhance many water features with fish and flowering vegetation to lend an awe-inspiring tropical atmosphere. Finally consider light installation for your water feature to provide dramatic night time ambiance.


Wingren Landscaping brings you all things outdoor including custom outdoor kitchens. Partnered with Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, a leader in outdoor cooking products and innovation since 1906, Wingren Landscape and Kalamazoo will design and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, complimenting the architecture of your home and landscape.

A full line of kitchen equipment delivering the highest performance in enduring quality products is available. Kalamazoo invented hybrid grill engineering that seamlessly allows you to switch between any combination of cooking with charcoal, wood and gas. Powerful energy-efficient refrigeration appliances, weather-tight hand built outdoor cabinets, and even gas-fired pizza ovens are just a few offerings to deliver beautiful and functional innovative outdoor kitchen builds.

Your outdoor kitchen will be custom designed to deliver symmetry with its environment and compliment your personal lifestyle. The key is to combine sound landscape design principles with the best practices of indoor kitchen design and bring it outside. Wingren Landscape with Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet can bring the ideal combination of beauty and function to your outdoor entertainin


Called an eco-roof, garden roof, living roof, or vegetated roof, a green roof is a lightweight, layered roofing system that allows virtually maintenance-free plants to top a waterproofed substructure. Likely you’ve been hearing more about them lately, because the technology has become simpler, making installations more common.

Green roofs can provide a wide range of public and private benefits as well as financial, including a return on investment and energy heating and cooling costs


In a continuing effort to bring you the best quality and service for All Things Outdoor, Wingren Landscape provides complete Erosion Control services. Wingren Landscape’s Erosion Control Division offers the latest Erosion Control Installation Equipment backed by comprehensive and up-to-date training and servicing. And, you’ll find we address your erosion control needs and complete the project at or below competitive prices. Our Erosion Control Division works year round and in all areas to service you where and when you need it.

Our premier equipment includes a computerized blanket installer, a Finn T -170 (1500 gallon) Hydroseeder/Mulcher, a track blanket installer, and our Truax 3-box prairie and wild flower seeder.

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